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Bauer SpeedPlate Skate Insole is one of the most advanced footbeds to ever hit the hockey market. Just like composite hockey boots, these insoles utilize Recovery Alloy Technology that allow them to be heatmolded to a player\'s foot, providing a level of comfort and performance never felt before. 

Unlike traditional footbeds, these SpeedPlates auto-adjust to a player\'s foot. In other words, the heel cup shapes itself to provide better heel lock while the arch area adjusts to an individual\'s specific arch type for enhanced stability and balance. When the SpeedPlate is heated up to begin the heat molding process, it becomes soft and malleable. This is what enables the footbed to auto-adjust to the individual\'s foot but it also allows the SpeedPlate to eliminate negative space between the insole and the outsole. This reduction in negative space directly translates into increased energy transfer and power through each stride.

Through years of research, Bauer found that a player\'s foot width changes throughout the course of the year. During the season, the foot tends to become narrower because their feet are being confined inside of stiff, tight-fitting boots much more frequently than the off-season where many players practically live in sandals. Since sandals do not much arch support at all, the foot tends to flatten out again. The beauty about the SpeedPlates is that they can be re-molded time and time again to make sure the SpeedPlates fit like a dream. 

  • Bauer Sizing Guidelines:
  • D-width full size skates, select the same insole size as your skate size (i.e. a 9.0D skate size requires a size 9 insole).
  • D-width half size skates, select the next largest insole size up from your skate size (i.e. a 9.5D skate requires a size 10 insole). NOTE: The insole will need to be trimmed down in length for the best fit. 
  • EE-width full & half skate sizes, select the next largest insole size up from your skate size (i.e. 9.0EE & 9.5EE skate sizes both require a size 10 insole). NOTE: Full-size skates such as 9.0EE & 10.0EE will need to be trimmed down in length for the proper fit

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